This is the inspiring story of a man, who feeds 500 people in a day, I am not talking about the times of during Covid-19 pandemic The man behind “Dadi ki Rasoi” An inspiration to many Mr. Anoop Khanna

“His motto in life is simple, small steps bring big changes in our society.”

As per him, Happiness cannot be found, even after climbing the highest pillars of success. It is found on those faces, whom you bless with love and hope. This story is about how some people devote their lives to the betterment of society with the hope of making it liveable for everyone. This story of Mr. Anoop Khanna, the man who believes in a single nation- humanity.
No wonder, India is home to about 194.4 million approximately 20 Cr. undernourished people, according to the United Nations and to curb the menace, Mr. Anoop Khanna is trying his best to fulfill his mother’s dream of feeding unprivileged people a healthy plate of food.
Mr. Anoop Khanna was born in the house of a freedom fighter, in Moradabad, who fought alongside Mahatma Gandhi and other freedom fighters in the freedom struggle of India. Owing to his father’s ability to serve society selflessly, Anoop got involved in social issues, from childhood. In 1978, he graduated as a Bachelor of Science from Rohelkhand University, Moradabad. In his younger days, apart from being a pragmatic person, he was a magnificent athlete who completed at various regional as well as the state level events. He has won several championships of karate, badminton, and table tennis.
Mr. Anoop Khanna has been working as a social worker for more than 25 years. But his initiative of “Dadi Ki Rasoi” has become famous worldwide and aspiration of many.
To make “Roti, Kapda, Dawai”- a basic requirement of every person, accessible to poor people with dignity, Mr. Anoop Khanna started “Daddi Ki Rasoi” on 21 August 2015. He provides a platter full of healthy food to over 500 people every day at a minimal cost of Rs. 5, irrespective of their caste, creed, sex, financial status, or race. To respect the dignity of the poor and not treat the poor as beggars, he decided to take a nominal amount of Rs. 5.
He Said – “I believe aspiring beggary is wretchedness itself. So, to respect the dignity of the poor, I decided to take a nominal amount of Rs. 5 instead of giving food for free.”
Along with this, he runs “Sadhbhavna Store”, where needy people can get clothes. We all ungratefully discard clothes, shoes, books, and many items, which Mr. Anoop Khanna makes available to the poor people for Rs. 10. The Poor can walk into the store, with dignity and shop like any other individual.
He said, “Beggars have no choice but he tried his best to provide them.”
His “Pradhan Mantri Jan Aushadhi Kendra” promises to ensure quality life-saving medicines at affordable prices.
Today, when 20 crore people sleep hungry in India, nearly one-third of the world’s hungry people, this initiative of “Dadi Ki Rasoi” has won the hearts of many. “Dadi Ki Rasoi” has become a hope for many hungry stomachs and crying eyes.
“We do not accept financial help for our selfless service, we accept your willingness to serve society.” – Anoop Khanna
For the last 15 years, Anoop Khanna has been working in District Student Guardian Association, Noida. As a President of the organization, he undertook many initiatives for the betterment of the education system. It was under his banner that a massive agitation was started against exorbitant fee hike in private schools, which now spread across the nation. After the Kumbakonam School Fire accident, the organization conducted mock drills with the help of fire station officers in schools. The safety of children in schools has always been most important for Anoop.
In 2004, when the worst floods hit the state of Bihar, he traveled to Banbanki and Purniya districts with trucks loaded with relief material. He was among the first people to reach out to villages with relief aid when a cloud burst caused massive devastation in Kedarnath.
As a part of Khel Vikas Sansthan, he organized many sporting events to promote sports in Noida.
His campaigns to encourage voting and against the use of polythene bags gained huge support.
At the age of 59, Mr. Anoop Khanna steps out of his comfort zone and works every day to make India hunger-free.
“I wish to return the love, blessings, care, and support, I have taken from my society. We should fix the limit of our satisfaction and I want to motivate the youth to do the same. Only taking things from society creates a lack of values, ethics, and morals. Moreover, it is the best path to attain peace, satisfaction, and happiness.” – Anoop Khanna