DAR (Dharamshala Animal Rescue) is an NGO based in Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh. The organization was initiated by a person named Deb Jarrett, 10-11 years ago. All she desired, when she was going to turn 40 was, to do something beyond her usual life.
Things changed after she visited India. India is famous worldwide for its yoga, meditation, it’s culture; but on the other hand, the place was also known for its traffic, pollution, poverty, and many such things. She once saw a stray dog that was badly injured, and was on the verge of dying; what was more astonishing was that nobody even bothered to look at it. She immediately got the dog treated with the help of a locality. Slowly she crossed paths with people who also wanted to rescue such animals, but did not know where to start from or to whom should they talk to about this issue. That was when she perceived her motive.
She soon flew back to her native i.e., to the USA. And when she returned to India, with all necessary preparations done beforehand. she was very clear with what her goal was; Since then she’s been rescuing stray dogs. DAR also helps any kind of animal in need including cows, donkeys, cats, or monkeys. Their organization works towards providing such animals with a humane environment. They also educate people that animals deserve the same amount of love and compassion as a human does; to prevent cruelty towards animals.
Looking at the long term benefits of this, there have been many death reports of humans due to rabies. So the organization makes people aware of the situation and also to gets the population of street dogs under humane control. Due to all these precautions taken carefully, there have been no cases of human deaths because of rabies in the nearby town of Dharamshala; since the time they have been raising funds i.e, since 2008.