Prakash Kaur Bibi is a mother “Mumma” to 60 girls, not a biological mother but a caring mother to these girls as they were abandoned by their parents just because they were girls. Prakash was herself abandoned as a child and grew up in a Nari Niketan, since then she thought of creating home for such girls and she started the “Unique Home for Girls” at the age of 24 years. It started with a single room and now the heavenly abode is a five-room building with a small courtyard. The home has girls of age ranging from few days to girls of 19-20 years. The Unique home is more than a home for the abandoned girls. The girls are initiated in religions according to the belongings with which the baby is found. So, at Unique Home, girls from all religions Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, and Christian faiths are found.
For the past 20 years, she has been rescuing girls discarded since their birth, thrown away in plastic-wrapped bags or left to die near the railway track or in paddy fields. Bibi first rushes them to a local hospital for the much-needed care and when discharged, she brings them a Unique home where the other girls take diligent care of the babies to bring them to normal health like elderly sisters. They have also installed a cradle outside their home so that whoever wants to discard their babies can leave them in the cradle instead of leaving them to die. Initially, neighborhood people used to help them by providing the required grocery items but slowly more people came to know about the abode and well-wishers started showering them with the required help. Bhai Ghanayya Ji Charitable Trust was formed to ensure the welfare of the baby girls who were brought up in this home.
Besides loving home, Bibi ensures that each child gets a good education. Each girl goes to the nearby school and some are even sent to boarding schools. For those girls who are not career-oriented are married off by finding a suitable match. Until now, 17 girls have been married off in decent families.
Besides education, Bibi treats children with outings on weekends. Either to any fast-food center around the town to authentic Punjabi food restaurant, she ensures that the children enjoy the weekends. During summer vacation they go to Darjeeling to enjoy. Since the birth date of the children is not known, 24th April is celebrated as everyone’s birthday and a gigantic 100kg cake is cut to celebrate everyone’s birthday.
The girls are aware that they were discarded because their parents were expecting boys and as such, their desire to prove themselves is very strong and Prakash Bibi is trying her best to give wings to their dreams by not only providing a secure home but a self-dependent future.
“Don’t abandon your daughters; not everyone is lucky enough to reach the Unique Home”, reads a message on the Unique Home website ( The website state that the Unique Home is a little piece of Heaven for the new-born and young abandoned girls.