Pranjab Dubey has left the world to believe that there still is some faith in the world. He left his job as a programme manager in Bengaluru, sold his house and started Sant Singaji Institute of Science and Management (SSISM) in a village in Madhya Pradesh. His basic goal was to provide quality education and life skills to rural youth so that they can get job opportunities as good as mainstream students.
He realized that rural youngsters were far behind in terms of employable skills, they could not easily get a job and thought of starting a college for rural students to provide them quality education, training and skills which will help them to get high paying jobs.
To fulfil his dream of opening a college, he went to Sandalpur in Madhya Pradesh to give shape and direction to his goals. In 2010, in a small rented room in a Dharmshala, the college started its operations. He believes that the first step to achieving success is to make the students aware of their dreams, setting up goals and identifying one’s potential. The students are also taken on field visits to various companies to show them what kind of jobs are prevalent in the market and are exposed to the outer world to ignite the passion within them and to dream big.
To impart his goal, he worked in partnership with various professors from IIM, providing the best of skills to the students. He organized various guest lectures at regular intervals to give them some exposure to quality education. Dubey facilitates internship opportunities at some of the reputed organizations in Bangalore and employment in renowned companies.
Dubey & his team counselled the village people and tried to change their orthodox belief of keeping their kids, especially girls, confined to their villages only and not letting them go to other cities for better job prospects. To help them further, he opened a software development firm in the campus itself for those students, who are reluctant to shift their base and move to other station for job opportunities. With regular counselling and knowledge sharing, many students were able to acquire a good position in companies like Wipro, SAP, etc.
Dubey encouraged organic farming since he believed that everyone cannot get a good job in a big company and so wanted to make farming ‘fashionable’ by following innovative techniques. The college now runs in his premise which was constructed from the money he got after mortgaging his house. An affordable fee of Rs.16,500 is charged from students who can afford to pay, the rest of the college runs on donations.
Dubey is ambitious and desires to expand his initiative and track the students at a young age so that the required quality education and skills are imparted in them since the beginning of their study life. He also wants to promote his organic farming initiative in the village, so that maximum student gets involved in farming and big brands can think of hiring these students.